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Acts of Kindness Advent Calendar

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This acts of kindness calendar is the perfect way to come together as a family each day in December to do something kind for others! 

We can also include personalization if you’d like! Let us know if you’d like a name added to the advent calendar! 

1. Draw a picture for someone
2. Make someone laugh
3. Leave a small gift for your mail carrier
4. Do a chore for someone else
5. Give someone a compliment
6. Mail a handmade Christmas card
7. Donate toys to charity
8. Share something with someone else
9. Hug someone
10. Help clean up after dinner
11. Name 5 things you like about yourself
12. Help clean the house
13. Donate pantry items
14. Say hello to a stranger
15. Make a bird feeder
16. Donate blankets to an animal shelter
17. Pick a Christmas movie to watch with the whole family
18. Name 10 things you're thankful for
19. Make paper snowflakes to decorate
20. Write a festive message on the sidewalk with chalk
21. Bake cookies for a friend
22. Make a craft to give on Christmas morning
23. Wrap a gift and put it under the Christmas tree
24. Sing a Christmas carol for all to hear
25. Sing happy birthday to Baby Jesus